ACT - Artist Citizens on Tour
Our mission is to promote eco-friendly practices in show-business.

It’s main objectives are:

  • To make artists realize the power of their actions towards the environment.
  • Offer simple and efficient tools to reduce the environmental footprint that shows and touring create.
  • Accompany artists wishing to become accredited in order to make their commitment recognized, and inspire their audience.

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    ACT Guide

    On the road, I am committed to:

  • Bring with me a reusable cup for drinks (coffee, water...)
  • Refuse bottled water in the green room and on stage: bring my own reusable bottle instead
  • Inform venues through the Rider that I am doing a «no water bottles» tour: Ask them to install a water station in the green room.
  • Ask for local beverages and foods in my Rider
  • Carry and use portable/reusable utensils
  • Refuse straws in my drinks
  • Bring my own shampoo, soap, and other essentials instead of using those offered in the hotel rooms.
  • Mention my preference for towels instead of brown paper in the green room’s bathrooms.
  • Turn off all stage electronics (amps, instruments...) between the soundcheck and the show.
  • Invest in rechargable batteries: It’s actually much more economical in the long term!
  • Reuse as much as possible the printed set lists

  • I also pledge to:
  • Opt for local products as much as possible
  • Support the work of local artisans
  • Unsubscribe from any unwanted industry magazines (If you don’t read them)
  • To go a little further, I pledge to:

  • Mention in my rider a preference for organic foods/products and less meat.
  • Prioritize cardboard album covers instead of plastic ones
  • Opt for as much LED lighting for my shows as possible and Iodide projectors (Lesser use of energy)
  • If flyers are necessary, try to use carbon neutral printing services (ex certified recycled paper, natural inks...).
  • Create responsible merch: prioritize fair trade and organic material, local design and natural ink for clothing.
  • For deliveries, opt for a 100% recycled packaging with no stickers.
  • To be fully invested in eco-responsibility, I commit to:

  • Calculate and offset my greenhouse gas emissions.(GHG calculator tool)
  • Prioritize electric vehicle rental
  • When possible, offer download codes instead of physical albums.

  • All this and even more according to my inspirations and discoveries!
    Don't hesitate to tell us your ideas!

    Download the ACT guide in PDF

    In all your choices, always remember this:

    Reduce : Reduce packaging
    Local: Consume local
    Natural: Choose organic products
    Fair: Prioritize fair trade
    Essential: Is it truly essential?

    In one word...Reduce!

    Non-produced trash is avoided trash!
    Have a great tour! :)


    Here, you will find useful tools to help make your tours more responsible.

  • Download the ACT guide in PDF
  • GHG calculator (Quebec)
  • Eco-Responsible Scene Accreditation
  • Plus 1
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